Growing Up To Speed – End of July Update

It’s been a long time in the making but everything is coming out now. Lots of colour, fruit and vegetables appearing in the garden.. feels very satisfying 🙂

  • Lettuce – second crop maturing nicely, still on 2 big bowls a day!
  • Avocado – the monster has now taken over the sink as well as the window! Just wish it would do the washing up!!! Lot’s of babies gaining weight.
  • Sunflowers – Lots out now, looking gorgeous. Some heads so big the stems cant support them. 3 must be Giants as they’re 7ft tall, or perhaps its just the soil?
  • Squash – first one will be in the oven soon I reckon.
  • Beans – it’s all over, fully harvested, thinking about prepping the soil for succession planting.
  • Kale – now a regular part of the weekly diet, lovely 🙂
  • Sweetcorn – coming good all of a sudden.
  • Leeks – slow but steady!
  • Sweet Potato – still taking fooooorrrever.. yaaaawn.
  • French Beans – lengthened the poles and they still grew off the end! Harvest soon.
  • Courgette – many of them are struggling, getting eaten by slugs me thinks :-/
  • Raspberries – turning into a nice bush, happy in the bin.
  • Rhubarb – made our first crumble last weekend.. absolutely scrumptious 🙂
  • Wildflower Meadow – in full flower 🙂
  • Strawberry Plant – putting out lots of suckers that are taking root in the tiered pallet planter. Great to see it working as it’s supposed to!

My favourite pic this month.. can you name which vegetable produces this flower? Answers on a postcard!

Growing Up To Speed – End of June Update

This is a great time of year for growers.. everything really maturing nicely now.

  • Lettuce – starting to go over, have planted 100 more 🙂
  • Avocado – getting way too big.. not far from a crisis now!
  • Sunflowers – coming on strong, over the new fence now and the first one is out 🙂
  • Squash – is putting out
  • Beans – in full harvest – issues with blackfly :-/
  • Kale – finally taking on some size – starting to harvest.. very tasty!
  • Sweetcorn – looks a long way off
  • Leeks – slow burn!
  • Sweet Potato – taking fooooorrrever.. yaaaawn.
  • Sweet Peas – going bonkers, climbing the poles like there’s no tomorrow.
  • Courgette – some got eaten by slugs 🙁 .. the rest are getting a lot longer than I ever expected them too!
  • Raspberries – putting on lots of plumage
  • Rhubarb – getting massive 🙂

Pallet Pergola & Planters

My neighbour sends me a text, “I have a load of pallets here for you” .. turns out, there were 7 large ones + 3 crates. That night I have a restless sleep and wake up with a vision of the “High Chaparral” sign swinging in the wind under wooden beams, in the case obviously it was going to read “Pallet Life”!

Pallet Strawberry Planter

The neighbour’s daughter is mad for strawberries and is apparently putting away the punnets! Subsequently, a request came in for a strawberry planter. The first one, part of the delux 7 tier system was a bit rustic I thought, so used a nicer pallet for a better finish…

April Update – Gower Side..

Chrissie’s garden and allotment starting to blossom over in Gower.. lot’s of bean, tatties, squash, sweet potato and plenty more kicking off. I’m mahoosively grateful for the encouragement and support Chrissie has given me this year enabling me to be ambitious with my growing projects.

Growing Up To Speed – End of May Update!

Things are starting to get a little crazy on the growing front..

  • Lettuce – have taken over… help needed to munch all them leaves!
  • Sweetcorn – coming on nicely.
  • Leeks – slow but steady
  • Kale – a recent burst of activity.
  • Beans – very pleased to see me it seems! :-/
  • Sunflowers – maturing well.
  • Carrots – definately happening.
  • Squash – seem very happy.
  • Raspberries – turning into a bush in a bin.
  • Sweet potato – no longer look like they are dying .. will hopefully make a comeback.
  • Avocado – has turned into a monster, is taking over the kitchen and now has babies!

Growing Up To Speed – End of April Update!

Yup, you’ve guessed it, it’s been a busy month…

  • A is for Avocado and the plant is now almost as big as our kitchen window.
  • The avocado seeds I just threw into a container half full of water have started to sprout! The ones with cocktail sticks hanging in jars are doing sweet-diddly-nothing!
  • Lettuce – over a million planed in the 2 raised beds, a crate planer and 2 veg boxes 🙂
  • Beans – getting bigger slowly. Bed full of Marestail that I’ve tried to dig out :-/
  • Carrots – seem happy.
  • Chives – bursting out of their planter.
  • Fennel – would love more soil I’m sure.
  • Kale (curly & purple) – transplanted from greenhouse to a bed in the front garden.
  • Leeks – in! Thanks to a porridge spurtle I was given for me birthday! It’s so much better placed in the garden 🙂
  • Celery – ends bought from store replanted and regrowing at a pace!
  • Mint – loving the chimney pot and has been the source of many a fresh cuppa.
  • Onion – lonely but content – what a hair-do it has.. soooo cool.
  • Raspberries – bursting out of their bin.
  • Spinach (in the bin) – going to seed and more like a tree now. A regular addition to salad bowls.
  • Sweet potato – now has a growing box dedicated to it.
  • Sunflowers – coming on strong .. planted 20 or so along the fence. Looking forward to seeing them in full flower.
  • Mushrooms – another birthday present that has come good 🙂

Pallet Growing Beds and Benches

A new delivery of pallets arrived (thanks so much James!!), so that meant a hive of activity, largely in the newly reclaimed south garden area that used to be nothing but brambles on a very steep bank.

Both pallet growing boxes are now complete and these are accompanied by 2 pallet benches to enjoy the fabulous views of towards Kilvey Hill and Swansea Bay. This has now officially become my favourite area of the garden as it’s soooo peaceful and secluded. Every morning this week it’s been porridge and a newly discovered yoga nidra meditation (thanks Chrissie!) to a background of wind through the trees and birdsong to calm my mind. I have to say, I think it might be working! 🙂

Really looking forward to greening this area up now most of the groundwork seems to be done. Some peas, beans and squash perhaps? Whaddareckon folks?

Previous blog for this area of the garden here.

Brambles to Beds

So the neighbours kindly removed about 20ft of brambles from the southern end of our property to reveal a steep bank of stone and soil, which soon got me thinking about how the bank might be terraced and repurposed. Start small I thought, and began with a couple of small beds. As usual, one bed is leading to another and another, and another! Throw a few pallets in the mix for good measure and it’s starting to take shape. I’m imagining squash and watermelon being harvested here in a few months 🙂

Things have evolved! Check out the next stage here