Pallet Fence – South Garden

This was a small but important project as it has become a boundary between 2 properties a and visible by many others so I was keen to try to keep it looking presentable. The other consideration was wind so building in strength was important too.

I spent a good amount of time leveling the footings in preparation and laid down bricks where the pallets connect. That preparation really makes life easier when it comes to assembling. The result is a strong and sturdy fence that may even get a lick of paint one day to finish it off!

Kids Swing Seat With Pallet Sunshade

Out of the wreckage when clearing the brambles away from the southern end of the garden, I discovered several children’s playthings, one being this delightful little swing seat. It looked like it had far too much potential to throw away so decided to embark on a recovery mission which involved me learning several simple, but none-the-less, useful skills.

The finished article has now been delivered back to it’s source, the neighbour next door, where it is now receiving another sizable dose of tlc! Must be infectious this upcycling malarkey?!

Check out the kids slide and trampoline here

Pallet Shed

Where would a man be without a shed!! More to the point, where would I be without a pallet shed??! At a loss, that’s where! So to rectify that calamity, I wrestled these together. On a flat surface, it took about 20 mins! Blending into the environment in our back garden and making the roof watertight took considerably longer…

Pallet Deck & Bamboo Arch

Over breakfast one morning, Chrissie pointed to the scrub area beside us and suggested we should deck it with pallets. Little seeds of ideas grow into big projects.. not that big in this case, but it did take a fair amount of jiggery pokery to rework the stones, find the levels and ensure the hosepipe remained sunken and intact throughout the process.

My lovely mum passed away during this little project so we decided to build a bamboo arch to train the honeysuckle and dedicate it to her. She was an enthusiastic gardener, amongst many other things, and I know she’d take great satisfaction from seeing us have so much fun with plants, pots and pallets.

Bamboo arch with honeysuckle – dedicated to Val Anderson – RIP (6th May 2020)

Pallet Woodshed

Since the intention and call when out for more pallets, (and once friends understood I’d likely have a breakdown of sorts if I didn’t have some soon), they seem to have started appearing thick and fast! With all this additional resource turning up at the house, I’ve needed to get more organised. This pallet woodshed is helping a lot..

Pallet Growing Beds and Benches

A new delivery of pallets arrived (thanks so much James!!), so that meant a hive of activity, largely in the newly reclaimed south garden area that used to be nothing but brambles on a very steep bank.

Both pallet growing boxes are now complete and these are accompanied by 2 pallet benches to enjoy the fabulous views of towards Kilvey Hill and Swansea Bay. This has now officially become my favourite area of the garden as it’s soooo peaceful and secluded. Every morning this week it’s been porridge and a newly discovered yoga nidra meditation (thanks Chrissie!) to a background of wind through the trees and birdsong to calm my mind. I have to say, I think it might be working! 🙂

Really looking forward to greening this area up now most of the groundwork seems to be done. Some peas, beans and squash perhaps? Whaddareckon folks?

Previous blog for this area of the garden here.

Pallet Armchair

So the neighbour said she liked the look of the pallet chair I made recently but would like one with arms. It’s her birthday tomorrow, so tried to pull out all the stops. Very pleased with the end result as there were several times during its construction that this chair was going to look VERY different!

Pallet Potting Boxes

Who would have thoughts making these humble boxes would have been sooo satisfying. I’m not sure whether it’s the simplicity of the shape, or the contrast of the colours or some other factor I’ve yet to discover. With so many seeds coming on and in need of bigger pots, these pallet boxes turned out to be perfect for the job. Not doubt there will be countless other uses for them as the season roles on too.

Pallet Chair

I find most of the pallet furniture I’ve made has required a lot of improvisation, and chin rubbing! This one was no different and took some time before it came together properly. I have to say, it’s by far the best piece I’ve done to date. The thought arose when looking at my garden chairs and their X design and that got me finkin!

Pallet Table & Benches

This chunky pallet table and bench set was a lot of fun to make. I took my original inspiration from a the picnic bench in my yard and had originally planned to make something similar. The table took a lot of jiggerypokery to get all the angles right but has ended up a solid piece of furnature that I’m really pleased with. I especially like the dark and light stripes of wood in the table top.

As I started to build the seating, it became clear that they were going to be way too heavy for the table, so aborted that idea and turned them into benches instead. They are a new design for me, made from 2 pallets each.