Pallet Planter

Well this one could not be much simpler. Add wooden bases to each section, then line with plastic to stop the wood rotting and fill with soil. Here we use this for herbs and lettuce.

Shiva Sanctum

So this was an extension of creativity, building on the functional kitchen shelving and display unit. It is a lovely piece to start and finish the day with.

Pallet Bench with Wings

This was the first bench I made and I ended up with some interesting shaped offcuts that I wasn’t sure what to do with until the penny dropped! The wings provide a handy surface for drinks, meals, keys, phones and other gubbins! Ready for take off me thinks 🙂

Pallet Spice Rack

This was the first item I made out of pallets and some say still one of the best. It’s elegant in it’s simplicity and has a really funcional place in the home.

Pallet Display Shelving Unit

Lots of strategic cuts here to produce this lovely pallet display unit which has been a key feature of our kitchen ever since. I love the how it holds itself top heavy, hanging in the air. Very hand for plants, books, keys and bananas!