Growing Up To Speed – End of July Update

It’s been a long time in the making but everything is coming out now. Lots of colour, fruit and vegetables appearing in the garden.. feels very satisfying 🙂

  • Lettuce – second crop maturing nicely, still on 2 big bowls a day!
  • Avocado – the monster has now taken over the sink as well as the window! Just wish it would do the washing up!!! Lot’s of babies gaining weight.
  • Sunflowers – Lots out now, looking gorgeous. Some heads so big the stems cant support them. 3 must be Giants as they’re 7ft tall, or perhaps its just the soil?
  • Squash – first one will be in the oven soon I reckon.
  • Beans – it’s all over, fully harvested, thinking about prepping the soil for succession planting.
  • Kale – now a regular part of the weekly diet, lovely 🙂
  • Sweetcorn – coming good all of a sudden.
  • Leeks – slow but steady!
  • Sweet Potato – still taking fooooorrrever.. yaaaawn.
  • French Beans – lengthened the poles and they still grew off the end! Harvest soon.
  • Courgette – many of them are struggling, getting eaten by slugs me thinks :-/
  • Raspberries – turning into a nice bush, happy in the bin.
  • Rhubarb – made our first crumble last weekend.. absolutely scrumptious 🙂
  • Wildflower Meadow – in full flower 🙂
  • Strawberry Plant – putting out lots of suckers that are taking root in the tiered pallet planter. Great to see it working as it’s supposed to!

My favourite pic this month.. can you name which vegetable produces this flower? Answers on a postcard!