Growing Up To Speed – End of April Update!

Yup, you’ve guessed it, it’s been a busy month…

  • A is for Avocado and the plant is now almost as big as our kitchen window.
  • The avocado seeds I just threw into a container half full of water have started to sprout! The ones with cocktail sticks hanging in jars are doing sweet-diddly-nothing!
  • Lettuce – over a million planed in the 2 raised beds, a crate planer and 2 veg boxes 🙂
  • Beans – getting bigger slowly. Bed full of Marestail that I’ve tried to dig out :-/
  • Carrots – seem happy.
  • Chives – bursting out of their planter.
  • Fennel – would love more soil I’m sure.
  • Kale (curly & purple) – transplanted from greenhouse to a bed in the front garden.
  • Leeks – in! Thanks to a porridge spurtle I was given for me birthday! It’s so much better placed in the garden 🙂
  • Celery – ends bought from store replanted and regrowing at a pace!
  • Mint – loving the chimney pot and has been the source of many a fresh cuppa.
  • Onion – lonely but content – what a hair-do it has.. soooo cool.
  • Raspberries – bursting out of their bin.
  • Spinach (in the bin) – going to seed and more like a tree now. A regular addition to salad bowls.
  • Sweet potato – now has a growing box dedicated to it.
  • Sunflowers – coming on strong .. planted 20 or so along the fence. Looking forward to seeing them in full flower.
  • Mushrooms – another birthday present that has come good 🙂