Growing Up To Speed – End of March Update!

So it’s only been about 4 weeks or so since we sowed our first seeds, started planting and things are really starting to happen!

  • Beans we grew from seed, spent a week in the greenhouse and are doing well in the garden.
  • Beans we sowed straight into the garden around the same time have finally come through (we were wondering!), though they are way behind the ones we planted indoors.
  • Brussels seedlings are arising out of their toilet rolls 🙂
  • Carrots & cucumber are poking through in the window planter.
  • Sweetcorn, zucchini & broccoli are going great guns indoors and have gone straight to big paper pots in the greenhouse.
  • Kale, lettuce & leeks maturing nicely in the greenhouse.
  • Spinach and raspberries taking root nicely in the big bins having been transplanted from my partners allotment. I wont be buying any more spinach this year 🙂
  • Mint in the chimney pot and and lemon balm in the pallet planter are coming back again nicely from last year. Both make an luuurvley cuppa tea 🙂