Making Growing Beds

The hardest bit about yoga is getting to the end of mat! At least that’s what they say! Once you’re there, dialing into an hour or so of yoga comes fairly naturally, especially if you’re in a class.. as it’s unlikely you’re going to walk out half way through.

The hardest aspect of making growing beds for me was getting the spade out and breaking the ground for the first time. Chrissie and I had been talking about growing veg in the front garden for a long time and were about to go for a walk, probably to talk about it some more, but this time I impulsively grabbed the spade from it’s box and pushed it into the ground. The rest is history, and needless to say, we never went on a walk that day!

The bulk of the work took about 2 weekends but of course we’ve been pottering since. Below are some pic of our progress turning a lumpy, grassy, neglected front garden into 3 growing beds and a stone path to stay off all the mud. A very rewarding project that’s for sure. The last pic shows me planting our first seeds .. those being broad beans 🙂