Scrumping Apples!

I used to get into a lot of trouble for doing this as a kid! So I have an office at the Environment Centre Swansea and not 10 yards away is a tiny apple tree with branches breaking under the shear weight of the fruit being produced. I knocked on the owners door and asked if they would like some help picking them. They told me to help myself, I could take them all, they didnt want any at all. Not even an apple tart in return.

So armed with buckets and ladders, Riz and I climbed into the tree and started scrumping for a long afternoon. The harvest was fruitful to say the least! Enough to give loads to friends and make a stockpile of stewed apple I’m still working my way through

Pallet Bench (light)

I am so pleased with this pallet bench! It’s smaller than most, lightweight and I think it looks great. It’s also held together with just 2 nails holding the thin wooden strip down the middle of the bench between the seat and the backrest. No idea how that works!

Pallet Garden Bench

Probably our most used item of pallet furniture, this pallet bench takes pride of place at the top of the garden looking down over the vegetable patch. A great place to take a break, planning our next project and putting the world to rights!

Pallet Planter

Well this one could not be much simpler. Add wooden bases to each section, then line with plastic to stop the wood rotting and fill with soil. Here we use this for herbs and lettuce.

Shiva Sanctum

So this was an extension of creativity, building on the functional kitchen shelving and display unit. It is a lovely piece to start and finish the day with.

Pallet Bench with Wings

This was the first bench I made and I ended up with some interesting shaped offcuts that I wasn’t sure what to do with until the penny dropped! The wings provide a handy surface for drinks, meals, keys, phones and other gubbins! Ready for take off me thinks 🙂

Pallet Spice Rack

This was the first item I made out of pallets and some say still one of the best. It’s elegant in it’s simplicity and has a really funcional place in the home.