Trash Samba

We need to raise money for a samba band for our event in a few weeks.
– (me): How much do they cost?
£170 for a procession and £350 for a march and a performance.
– (me): Gordon Bennett!! Can’t we do it ourselves??
– (me): Haven’t you seen STOMP?
– No?
– (me): They do massive drumming and rhythmic performances made from trash…

– That would be awesome Pete. Will you lead it?
– (me): [ long pause …………………………….. ]
Pete, are you still there?
– (me): OK, I’ll do it!

So that’s how it started. An innocent conversation over Social Media and now look what a fine mess we’ve got ourselves into. I said yes, because..

  • it sounds like such a fun thing to do.
  • I love a challenge and learning new skills.
  • I liked the thought of connecting with people through music.
  • My partner Chrissie was a professional drummer and would help me with the rhythms.
  • I’d been in a samba band for a short period before so had some experience.
  • It’s for a cause I believe in.
  • Drumming always brings so much energy to events and I liked the thought of being at the beating heart of that.

Weighing up all the points above, I thought what’s the worst that can happen? Let’s do this! So here is the journey..

It turned out, probably as with so many things, that this projects was largely about preparation. We ended up laying out 50 instruments for the procession, 80 people turned up and all instruments found a home!

50 instruments all ready for when people arrive.

Compared to a traditional samba band, we were incredibly mobile!

We ended up playing many times that summer, in Cardiff, Swansea, Neath and even Tenby.

Lots more pics from the marches, processions & events we took part in here